Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for any room

You might already know that hardwood flooring adds an air of classic elegance to any room in your home. Beautiful tones and grain patterns are only a part of what sets these floors apart from so many others. But you'll also appreciate an extensive lifespan.

With professional installation and regular care, wood floors can last 100 years. Of course, some floors last much longer, especially when refinished regularly. Many other benefits await you that are sure to be worth your time.

Your visual options in hardwood flooring

Both solid and engineered wood flooring offers many of the same customizable options. And with them, you can create a personal and unique look in all your most important rooms. Consider these features, which you can personalize today for your dream hardwood flooring.

• Board grade
• Board width and length
• Species type
• Stain color
• Finish texture
• Installation layout
• And more

Trendy options are a great way to get the look that will keep you current longest. You can choose the same look in every room or something different. Be sure to ask about all options that match your requirements and preferences.

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You can count on the durability of wood floors

Species selection is a great starting place if you need the most durable floors. Oak is a popular choice for most homes with average traffic levels. Remember that the busier your lifestyle, the harder the wood species you need.

Other factors can play a role in your floor's durability as well. For instance, adding a textured finish can help resist scratches and scuffs. Also, ask about the benefits of wire-brushed, distressed, or vintage finishes.

Protect your floors with professional installation

Nothing protects your hardwood flooring better than a professional installation. Acclimation is the first step, lasting one to three days. And your installation team should have experience and all the right tools.
Hardwood flooring in Ashland, MA from Marra Flooring & Design

Upgrade your home with wood floors

Marra Flooring & Design has spent years helping contractors, repairers, and homeowners with remodeling needs. We provide excellent products, affordable pricing, and customer care that works. When you need an ideal material for any size project, be sure to contact or visit us.

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